Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?

We cover all of New England. For customers with larger volumes of tires located in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Vermont, we utilize tractor trailers. For smaller tire collections, customers can be serviced on an on-call basis, weekly or bi-weekly schedule with the rear loading compactor trucks. This service is offered to customers in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and southern Vermont.

Does BDS take excavator or bobcat tracks?

No, due to the availability of alternative disposal options for such items through dealerships and/or local landfills, we do not accept this material.

Does BDS take oversized tires and tires with rims?

We accept both oversized tires and tires with rims. Oversized tires are placed in a pile to be periodically sheared by a hydraulic excavator into pieces small enough to be fed into the shredder. Tires with rims are placed in a pile to have the rims removed with an excavator-mounted shear. Once removed, the rims are recycled as scrap metal while the de-rimmed tires are fed into the shredder.

What is the minimum amount of tires before a pickup is scheduled?

For small customers (garages, private, dealerships) a minimum of 50 tires is required before a pickup with our rear load packer truck. Pickups of 500+ will be picked up with a tractor trailer.

Are you a licensed facility?

Our company has a non-hazardous waste transporter license from the States of Maine and Vermont in order for all of our trucks to transport tires. We have a licensed processing facility located within Waste Management Landfill in Norridgewock, ME.

Do you charge to take tires?

Yes. The amount charged depends on how many tires you have and what their sizes are, your location, and frequency of collection. Please call the office to get pricing, or request a quote online or via fax.